2015 Ferrari 458 Spider the Prancing Steed


Prancing Horse Passion continues…


“Faint heart ne’re won fair lady…to the victor belongs the spoils…he who hesitates is lost…”


The Prancing Steed kicked the starting gate open once again. Vivacious, energetic, youthful, and extremely powerful is the 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider. It has received distinguished accolades and rave reviews since its inception from leading automotive journalists. The naturally aspirated V8 engine itself has received awards for its design and performance. It is the very first sports car of its kind with a fully retractable hardtop.

The 458 Spider – just as its siblings the 458 Italia and the 458 Speciale – is designed with aerodynamic architecture that slices through the atmosphere reducing drag, maintaining stability, and generating maximum downforce. The Prancing Horse topless is a most sensual driving experience. It is a rolling collage of F1-inspired technology. Legendary Ferrari power, presence, and extreme performance are just a tap of the…

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From darkness: 1959 Ferrari 250 Coupé by Pininfarina

Classic Virus


Nowadays discovering such car in such conditions is as surprising as discovering a new species of dinosaur.


There are lower and lower probabilities to find a pre-’70s Ferrari abandoned and dismantled, but actually sometimes it still happens and this is one of those times. It’s a 250 PF (chassis #1543GT) which has  probably been disassembled for some kind of restoration but, of course, this is a job for few people, and the last owner was not one of them.


Differently from what the photos show, the seller says that this car is 90% complete: of course we see the body, doors, engine and gearbox (which, toghether, are actually a main piece of the puzzle) but nothing else, including glasses, rear lid and the whole interior trims. You may say that, for this car, these are details but here you will never know how much will you spend until the job…

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F1: Ferrari must hold on to Alonso, but could lose Raikkonen

Central Sport News

Ferrari team boss Marco Mattiacci has a lot on his plate as he seeks to turn the team around but one task overshadows all others.

Mattiacci has to find a way to convince Fernando Alonso to stay, because it has become abundantly apparent just how bad Ferrari would have looked in the last few years without him.

Despite all their efforts, Ferrari seem unable to get closer to the ultimate pace. In fact, the car’s performance has got further and further away sinceAlonso joined in 2010.

And now they are way beyond the point at which even Alonso can hide Ferrari’s shortcomings and keep up a title challenge – as he did against the odds in 2012.

They look pretty bad already, even with Alonso carrying Ferrari on his back for the last few years.

Just imagine how they would look if he cannot be convinced that Ferrari will sort…

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